The Person who saved my Friend’s LIFE “Dr. Ashok Rajgopal”

It was about a year ago, when my best friend was suffered from joints pain(Arthritis). It was started with a casual body pain. Sooner the pain went on growing day by day. She went for check up and in the reports there was RH factor in her body, and Dr. said that there might be chances of  Arthritis.

Initially, Dr gave her some strong medicines and steroids to remove the pain. But when she didn’t took that steroids, the pain become so severe that she literally cried with pain. Sooner she didn’t move a inch from her bed. and she was totally  on bed. She went for physiotherapy and many other doctors fir treatment. One month passed and no results from anywhere. She became weak day by day, and the pain became more and more. Then her grand mom sent her “Sandhi Sudha” a product for this pain by seeing in the advertisement on TV. But the result was same-no improvement.

Then someone from my family suggests me that she should go to Medanta Hospital and and get her treatment done by Dr. Ashok Rajgopal. He is Chairman of Bone & Joint Institute at Medanta. When we first went there to meet him, I was surprised to see such a nice hospital. The hospital is excellent, great ambiance, very good environment. When we met with Dr. Ashok Rajgopal, he is so soft spoken that I’m highly impressed by him. When he started to operate her, sooner the results shown to us. Within first month she started moving her body, she an walk without anybody’s help and all these done with without any steroids. Because my friend is totally against of taking steroids. So Dr. didn’t take her any steroids. within 2 months she recovers in a great way. It was like a miracle to all of us, because all of us lost our hope. moreover my friend was also in a state of shock and in depression, that now her carrier will be in downfall. She is very active in every field, and she is a national level dancer, and after having arthritis, she won’t be dance again. But the doctors and staff in Medanta have a faith and believe that she will dance again. they all give her a lot of mental support and encourage her in her bad times.

When she is completely fine, I searched about Dr Ashok Rajgopal in detail, because I was highly  impressed by him, and when I came to know about his qualification and researched and work done by him, I became a fan of him. I got the details from and

His Medical Qualification:Bharat Shiromani, Knee Ratna and IMA – New Delhi Doctor Association – Distinguished Service awardee and Honorary Orthopaedic surgeon to The President of India in 1997, Dr. Rajgopal designed, developed and fabricated the instrumentation for Minimally Invasive Total Knee Replacement Surgery & these instruments have been presented to The Zimmer Brand Management and R&D Team in Warsaw USA.

He has also been the reviewer for Bone & Joint Surgery journal ( British Volume) and a member of the Editorial Board for Journal of Knee surgery, Sports traumatology Arthroscopy.

If anyone is having any problem related to bone and joints pains, you should have to go Medanta for once.

For me, my friend and her family Dr, Ashok Rajgopal is God.